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This is Not a Cheesesteak

Send me your cheesesteak knock-offs from 'round the globe and other Philly/cheesesteak-related meanderings:

Include your name, a photo from a menu or the actual offensive sandwich, where you found the travesty (city, state, country) and a brief description/opinions of it.

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Nov 28 '11

radiatorsister asked:

So I was in the Philly area over Thanksgiving, and Friday my family got steaks from a place in Croydon. Several members of my family ordered "pizza steaks," which were cheesesteaks with marinara sauce on them. Is this acceptable?

Yep, I’d say this is acceptable. Provided it’s understood that it’s a special variety of a typical cheesesteak.

It’s a pretty common variation around these parts, especially since any place around here will be using the right bread and meat… for pizza steaks, I’ve seen mozzarella as a pretty typical cheese in keeping with the whole pizza thing.

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