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This is Not a Cheesesteak

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Jan 31 '12

The “Rocky” Steps, formerly known as the Philadelphia Museum of Art

My girlfriend, Allie, pointed this out to me a few weeks ago. I was reminded just now upon seeing this Reddit thread in /r/philadelphia.

I know this is a topic, unlike these cheesesteaks, that I’m going to get some very mixed opinions on from Philadelphians. Personally, this pisses me off. If you zoom in closer, you can see both “The Rocky Steps” and the “Philadelphia Museum of Art”, even still though. The Rocky movies were great, sure. But I’d really rather not have our most-revered athlete and/or citizen be some fictional person.

This is a fictional person whose name takes precedence over a real thing in Philadelphia. I understand that’s how out-of-towners and even some Philadelphians refer to the steps leading up to the Art Museum place, but they’re not actually the “Rocky” Steps because “Rocky” wasn’t actually a real person. (Even though Adrian Balboa has a real tombstone in Philadelphia.)

I get it. I know what Rocky Balboa can stand for. However, I’d hope that in the 36 years that have followed since the original film, that we’d have something else more iconic in this city.

Instead of grouping Rocky with real and awesome things like the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin and the Founding Fathers, the Liberty Bell, or hell even the Phillie Phanatic… in my mind the fact we’re constantly associated to Rocky is closer to booing Santa Claus.

Fuck you Google Maps. Are you naming the Empire State Building, “The King Kong Skyscraper?” No, you won’t, because people respect NYC and NYC has self-respect. Enough with the Rocky shit already. Though to their credit, I guess the Rocky statue at the top of the steps doesn’t help diffuse this revering-of-a-fictional-character.

PS. I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I just haven’t had time to queue up my cheesesteak posts. Patience.